श्रीमती नाथीबाई दामोदर ठाकरसी कला और श्रीमती चंपाबेन भोगिलाल वाणिज्य और विज्ञान महिला महाविद्यालय

श्रीमती नाथीबाई दामोदर ठाकरसी कला व श्रीमती चंपाबेन भोगिलाल वाणिज्य व विज्ञान महिला महाविद्यालय

Special Cell

SNDT College Mumbai

The Cell continued with providing additional lectures, weekly tests and guidance for interim assignments to all those extremely enthusiastic students, whose participation and response continued to attain new heights. Parents interests and responsibility in being involved for improving the academic performance of their children also showed an encouragingly enthusiastic improvement. SMS's and regular phone calls to students and their parents continued the objective of providing updated information relating to the date, place, venue, subject and portion for weekly tests as well as defaults, apart from displaying weekly tests time tables on the notice boards by the Prof-in-charge. Enhanced usage of social networking sites like Facebook to keep students updated about the weekly tests which began in July and continued for 7 weeks, was the highlight of the academic year, along with Attendance sheet facility, which provided genuine exemption in case of attendance defaults. The task of soothing nerves, overcoming weaknesses and successfully surfing over their exam fears was provided to the students through conducting special lectures before ATKT examinations and arranging for Question Banks by subject specialists and experts, which also attained The Cell's objective of overall personality development of students, their ability to manage stress, fine tuning their techniques in learning, memorizing and successfully cracking examination papers by providing the said interactive platform.