श्रीमती नाथीबाई दामोदर ठाकरसी कला और श्रीमती चंपाबेन भोगिलाल वाणिज्य और विज्ञान महिला महाविद्यालय

श्रीमती नाथीबाई दामोदर ठाकरसी कला व श्रीमती चंपाबेन भोगिलाल वाणिज्य व विज्ञान महिला महाविद्यालय

Freeship / Scholarship/ Prizes

SNDT College Mumbai

Jr. College

a) All students are eligible for concession of free education provided their parents are residing in Maharashtra for the last fifteen years and fulfill other conditions.

b) Lotus-Trust Scholarship for Sanskrit subject for 2 students of each class for optional Sanskrit.

c) The following prizes are awarded on the basis of securing highest number of marks in the particular subject at Higher Secondary Certificate Examination provided she passes the examination at the first attempt and continues studies at this college.

1. Late Smt. lndirabai Oinkar Sapre Prize (For Sociology).

2. Smt.Sushiia Gulanikar Prize in Economics (For Commerce Faculty).

3. Pratap Haridas Bhatia Prize in Gujarathi (For Art Faulty).

4. Smt. Swaraj Saini prize in Hindi (For Arts Faculty).

5. Dr. (Smt.) Sumati Modak prize in Sanskrit/History.

6. Smt. Sudha Shrotriya prize in Geography.


Sr. College

College Merit Freeship

A student who secures more than 60% marks at the HSC Examination or at the B.A. I B.Com Part-I examination may be awarded College merit Freeship. The freeship will be continued in subsequent years, provided the student is regular in attendance, appears for all tests and college examination and obtain atleast higher second Class, both at the College as well as at the University examination. Repeaters are not eligible to apply for any concession in fees, except the backward category students.

College Need-cum-Merit Freeship

A limited number of such freeships will be awarded to deserving students at the undergraduate level. The freeship will be discontinued in the event of irregularity in attendance and / unsatisfactory progress.

State Government Freeship for Economically Backward Class Students

Students whose total family annual income (1st April to 31st March) does not exceed Rs.1 5,000/- are eligible for the award of the above freeship. Satisfactory progress and regular attendance will be required.

Freeship & Scholarship for Backward Class Students

The Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Denotif led and Nomadic Tribe Students are awarded freeship as per rules framed by the Governments from time to time on the strengths of the caste certificate from Tahsildar or Collector.

Freeship to Children of Primary School Teachers

Those students who are promoted higher class and whose either parent is a primary teacher are eligible to apply for this freeship.

Education Concession to Children of Freedom Fighters

Those students whose either parent has undergone continuous rigorous imprisonment of not less than six months in the freedom movement or Goa Liberation movement are awarded freeship by the State Govt. Besides the freeship the book grant is also given.

Scholarship for the Blind, Deaf & Dump and Handicapped

Scholarship are awarded by the Central Govt. to Blind, Deaf & Dump or Handicapped students. They are eligible for only one concession.

Krishnaraj Memorial Scholarship

Sameeksha Trust, Economics and Political Weekly publisher constituted a krishnaraj Memorial Scholarship for SC/ST students in the Social Sciences. (Admission fees, Hostel fees and Mess charges for 3 students for 3 years)

Freeship for Children of Ex-Service Personnel

Children, Wives or Widows of service personnel or ex-service’personnel are eligible for freeship from the State Govt.

Sanskrit Scholarship

The Govt. of India awards this Scholarship to students taking Sanskrit as a special subject.

National Scholarship

Those students who passed the HSC examination with merit are eligible for the award of National Scholarship by the Govt. of India.

Students Aid Fund

The Fund consist of voluntry contributions from students and staff members. Finacial assistance is giyen to the needy and deserving students of tuition fees, examination fees, books,medical aid etc.

University Scholarships

There are other special University Scholarship and prizes awarded to those students who secure the highest number of marks in various subjects. These are notified every year on the Notice Board.

Procedure :-

Application for freeship / scholarship should be made online submited in the prescnbed form and should be submitted to the college office immediately after taking admission. Late application will not be accepted. Usually a freeship granted forthe first term is continued for the second term subject to satisfactory progress, good conduct and regular attendance. The college has started online Freeship / Scholarship programme from 2010-2011. Free concession for schedule Caste / schedule Tribe / Vimukta jamati /Nomadic Tribe / Special Backward Class

No.1 Scholarship Scheme

Income Limit only upto Rs.2,00,000/- for SC/ST, OBC, SBC,VJNT.

Scheme No.2 Freeship

Income Limit above Rs.1 ,00,000/-

The Students should fill up the freeship or scholarship form according to their Caste Certificate and income limit after the admision but before 31 St July every year.


Those Students who belong to S.C./S.T.N.J.N.TJO.B.C./S.B.C. Category are requested to collect the application form for freeship 1 scholarship from the college office room no. 101, between 10.30 a.m and 1 p.m before 31St July 2015. If they fail to fill up the above application form within stipulated time the college will not be responsible for their loss. The students who are applying for the above Freeship or Scholarship are requested to bring the following documents:

1) Caste Certificate of the students (attested Xerox copy)

2) Last year mark-sheet(attested copy)

3) Income Certificate of last year. (original)

4) Non-creamy layer certificate in Case of SBC VJNT/QBC etc.

5) Fee Receipt Xerox copy.

6) Ration Card attested Xerox copy.

7) If gap in studies, gap certificate (affidavit) (original)

8) Marriage Certificate (original)

Government of India Meritorious Minority student’s scholarship for Minority (Muslim, Parsi, Sikh, Christian, etc.)