श्रीमती नाथीबाई दामोदर ठाकरसी कला और श्रीमती चंपाबेन भोगिलाल वाणिज्य और विज्ञान महिला महाविद्यालय

श्रीमती नाथीबाई दामोदर ठाकरसी कला व श्रीमती चंपाबेन भोगिलाल वाणिज्य व विज्ञान महिला महाविद्यालय

General Rules & Regulations

SNDT College Mumbai

1) A student shall attend at least 75% of the days in a year, failing which she shall be liable to loose her terms. This rule will be observed strictly. Attendance will be taken every day and may be taken in more than one period. If the student is absent in any period, she will be marked absent for the day.

2) Students who fail to secure the minimum of 09 marks in a subject head in he internal exam will not qualify to take the external examination in that subject.

3) If a student does not wish to continue studies from the second term, intimation must be sent in writing to the college at least within one week of the opening of the college for second term.

4) The college leaving Certificate will be issued only if there are no outstanding dues, and the Identity Card and Library Clearance Certificate are submitted.

5) Students are required to purchase an identity card every year. A copy of recent photograph (size 2” X 1 Y2”) must be pasted on it. Student should carry their identity card and produce it at all functions of the college, and when obtaining concession forms. Students joining the college for the first time have to submit one additional copy of their photograph to the College office.

6) Mobiles should be switched off before entering the classrooms.